SYMPOSIUM: May 1, 2019 Deeley Exhibition and Conference Centre, Vancouver BC

Motorcycles as a Solution Symposium

How a single day changed everything.

Sometimes it takes a fresh out-of-town perspective on a discussion to drive a discussion forward. That was the case with the ”Motorcycles as a Solution” Symposium May 1, at the Deeley Exhibition and Conference Centre.

The keynote presentation from Tony Campbell of the UK’s Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) was brilliant. He spoke of how the original “Motorcycle Framework Project” continues as a sound argument for motorcycles as transportation to show increased usage would actually improve road safety.

Then, attendees got an exclusive preview of the next version of the framework titled, “The Route to Tomorrow’s Journeys”. ( It builds the conversation around motorcycles and scooters as Powered Light Vehicles. This enhances the original framework, but adds a new urgency to the discussion around mobility, personal choices and the need to find greener solutions. The MCIA “Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership” is a good example of the sensible role that can be played by powered two wheelers

Tony’s comments summed it up nicely“Powered Two Wheelers have and continue to play a key role within urban and suburban transport but appear to be the “forgotten means” by many authorities. During the last 5 years, the MCIA have been working hard to change this way of thinking and in order we can really up the “anti” on how our Industry can contribute to the challenge of the future of mobility. The MCIA presented a sneak preview of its new Policy Framework “The Route to Tomorrow’s Journeys” at the Motorcycles OK event where feedback on the day and since the event has been extremely positive. 

As well, Bob Ramsay, President of the MMIC: The Motorcycles OK symposium was the perfect way to kick-off Motorcycle Safety Awareness month. The symposium was fusion of practical transport policies and a vision of motorcycling as an important contributor to addressing environmental issues and transportation challenges. The unique roles motorcycles can play in the future of urban mobility, reducing congestion and substantially lowering emissions were amply demonstrated. The Motorcycles OK symposium is an great example of grass-roots consultation delivering exceptional knowledge and constructive policy ideas for future generations”


The day built on the Framework's positive energy with a timely session from Plug-in BC and the Ministry of Energy Mines and Petroleum Resources. There is life with gasoline technology, but there is also clear path towards the value of electric motorcycles and scooters.

Translink had a perfect stage to introduce the Transport 2050 blueprint and it became evident as the sessions unfolded that the Symposium was going to have a positive influence on the planning.

ICBC headed up the opportunities and challenges of rider training and insurance and the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canadawas there to remind everyone that May is Motorcycle Awareness and Safety Month – pretty much everywhere. “Safety is Everyone’s Business”.

The Symposium is a toehold for the discussion urgently needed to advance the thinking that motorcycles - powered two wheelers - are a positive force as Powered Light Vehicles. One of the keys to this event is that it puts the local (and Canadian) discussion of motorcycles on a global level.

"Think globally – Ride locally” has a whole new meaning.

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