Motorcycling in British Columbia as a Transportation and Environmental Solution

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A travelling member of Motorcycles OK shoots two wheel life in the U.K.

Motorcycles are better integrated into the flow of traffic, parking and bicycles. It's an ideal way to park downtown.
Motorcycles are generally better integrated into the flow of traffic, parking and bicycles. It's an ideal way to park downtown.
Motorcylces OK Symposium

A motorcycle event and transportation success story.


May 1, 2019 at the Deeley Conference Centre and Museum and  the Symposium “Motorcycles as a Solution”.  This was an unprecedented opportunity for those connected to BC, Canadian, and North American transportation and environmental policy planning to learn from a gold standard.

There are few parts of Canada where this idea is more timely and relevant that the lower mainland and south coast region. The key drivers are in play: congestion, air quality issues, parking shortages, cost of transportation, awareness of the green advantages of two wheelers, plus one of the longest riding seasons in Canada.

Here's how the Symposium went...

This 60 seconds could change how you look at motorcycles.

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Listen to a lively and fun coast to coast discussion on the benefits of owning a motorcycle!

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