1. To save lives of motorcycle riders by promoting safety and education while ensuring access to training to secure skills needed for a motorcycle license.
  2. To advocate for motorcycling as a vital component of the long-term regional transportation plan to improve mobility and reduce carbon emissions and congestion.
  3. To attract more BC riders with a message of safe adventure, health benefits, consumer buying confidence and to the exhilaration of riding a motorcycle.

About Us

MOTORCYCLES OK advocates for incentives and the benefits of motorcycles as a mobility solution in British Columbia. The appeal of motorcycling is promoted through numerous media channels. It drives public and government awareness for the transportation and environmental benefits as well as advanced motorcycle safety and education for all British Columbians.

MOTORCYCLES OK fosters related business and public policy development, which is essential to long-term regional growth.

MOTORCYCLES OK collaborates with other associations and with industry to promote widening the appeal of motorcycling beyond the traditional sports image to include even more commuting and practical motorcycling, while still supporting a healthy leisure sector.

How We Got The Name

motorcylesok-signFor a number of years, many High Occupancy Vehicle lanes have designated the inclusion of motorcycles with a simple "MOTORCYCLES OK" road sign. We thought there was a notion of more than just that information and see it instead as a general statement that motorcycles are in fact "OK". We feel if the sentiment is simply repeated often enough, it will enter into the lexicon of transportation sustainability. We nest that message in branded content marketing and strive to make MOTORYCLES OK a thought leader.


MOTORCYCLES OK is a content marketing driven advocacy, operated as a not for profit division of Kinetic Promotions Limited, a registered company in the Province of B.C. . Kinetic Promotions (2019) Ltd owns all materials, wordmarks and related intellectual property unless otherwise noted.

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